Back- With a Vengeance!

... Ok, so no vengeance (I like you guys too much...) but I am back! I haven't posted in a really long time- things have just been a little crazy around here for a while, but I missed MWK too much to stay away.

I'm just set to order the rest of the wool I need to finish my sweater... the one I was set to finish in February. It's looking good, however untouched in quite some time. Besides that, I taught myself how to really knit in Continental as I realized I was actually combination knitting (and not even doing that right haha) and have been working on my lacework/double knitting skills.

So that's pretty much been my life these last couple months as far as knitting goes. I have been popping back once in a while to see how everyone was doing, however quietly. Hope everyone is well, and I'll hopefully have some projects and things to share soon =)


PS- If you'd like to follow updates on my knitting adventures as well as other thoughts, events, and ramblings about my life, you can always visit I tend to post there more often =P


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Good to have you back Joe!