Knit and the whole world has an opinion...

I knit on the BART train, I knit standing in line, I knit at sidewalk cafes... and it seems that folks are more than happy to strike up a conversation with you... either they're knitters themselves or they're admiring the piece you're making...

Knitting seems to help bring down social barriers to talking to strangers and I think it's cool. A nice smile or compliment is a little thing but has such a great impact on one's disposition. It can really make your day.

It's also nice to share one's experience with knitting... not to sound too New Agey and hippy-dippy, but it is very gratifying to be reknitting the social fabric in our community through a simple and satisfying craft.

I also belong to a mixed knitting group that meets Monday nights at a cafe in San Francisco... On MLK Jr Day, the cafe was closed so we met at the home of one of our knitter's partner.

They made a lovely porkloin dinner, had coffee, tea, wine, nibbles... and I brought some munchies too from work... and it was a nice social gathering... as all out knitting groups tend to be in general.

I think we'll be doing a semi-regular potluck in the future...

On the BART train, I've met a flight attendant, a black grandmother, and other nice folks who've struck up conversations about knitting, yarn stores etc. At the cafe this morning, I met a woman named Leta who invited me to teach her special needs class to knit... she's a grand old dame who has met artists like Lichtenstein, Raushenberg, et al. Of course, having a really cute border collie pup next me also helps with getting noticed... ruff!

Let's hear about your knitting social circles and stories... Floyd the wonder dog would love to hear.


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Bravo! Major advocate of knitting in public. Have been doing it for years - when I lived in NYC, treavelling all over and now in Philadelphia. Keep it up. It does help breakdown the barriers of stress from our daily lives of rushing to and fro, etc.

I have had many kinds of comments made to me over the years to congratulations, it is women's work, gee you are actually good, to just plain WOW.

Keep it up.

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I knit on the bus to and from work every morning.  It makes my commute seem much faster.  I was surprised at how rarely people on the bus comment on my knitting, but every once in a while someone will sit down and ask me what I'm making and we'll talk about knitting for a bit.

I was waiting for a friend last weekend at a coffee shop downtown and took out my knitting to knock out a few rows.  A woman came in with her kids and immediately approached me and asked what I was working on.  She said it was great to see a guy knitting, which I've actually heard a few times.  She also asked if people ever made fun of me?  It struck me as an odd question, but I'm not sure why exactly.  In any event, it's never happened.  The people who do talk are overwhelmingly supportive and/or interested. 

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I've only gotten positive comments on my knitting, predominantly from women... knitting in public is cool... I like the idea of tapping on the glass ceilings of people's mindsets about men and yarn and knitting as a craft...

I figure at the end of the day, I'll have a bit more scarf, a bit more cap or sweater; I'll have made something beautiful while everyone else will just be that much closer to death.

Sum Ergo Knit ~ I am, therefore I knit.

Sum Ergo Knit ~ I am, therefore I knit.

I like to knit during my commutes on the Chicago Elevated, but I find I have to be careful - the sight of a man knitting occasionally affronts the high schoolers on the same trains and, on one memorable occasion, nearly resulted in my being gay-bashed by the boys while the girls cheered them on. I was only saved by the timely entrance of a uniformed cop.

Most often I just get the occasional bewildered stare. I've got a shaved head and a goatee, and my clothes tend to run to engineer boots and a biker jacket. It makes a nice contrast to have a shawl-in-progress (for my sister, of course...) flowing off my lap.

I agree, though, that in general it's a marvelous pastime. Has kept me from going mad more than once during delays in airports!