Quick Update

So, I've finished a small, throw-sized blanket about a week ago which took me like 3 weeks to complete. It's made with Pound of Love yarn in Antique white, over 200 sts, with several different patterns that you can catch in the pic, including an eyelet diamond, a braided cable, a double cable (I LOVE cables!) and a kind of stalactite/mite looking peak, all set to a seed st border. Other than that, I started a crocheted amigurumi doll. I want to make her as an updated version of another one I made on one of my first attempts. Her name's Felicia, and the new one will be named Felicia 2.(point)0. And the last pic I'm posting is of a knit slipper pattern I tried out. I think I found it on the Lionbrand website. I used SuperSaver for it, so I think that's why it came out so big, despite following the "baby" size with the recommended needle size. SO, as youse can tell, I've been keeping busy, to say the least.

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Great job on the throw! I like the justaposition of the cables (two different ones!) and the eyelet diamonds. And the zig-zags along the border are a nice tie-in with the diamonds.

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yup - 'gree! Looks like a nice balanced design, visually and for the working of it. little of this, little of that...

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Wow, what a great blanket ... I love your design.

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Dude, THAT is beautiful. Screams of "home." Nicely done. I hope you get to wrap up in it tightly by late autumn.

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Thank you all! I made the pattern up myself after attempting the "Tree of Life" afgan, but that didn't go so well. So I did all the math and added sts here, dropped others there... la da da. It's my first big project. I've mostly made hats and scarves. It was a LOT of work! My mother wants it... but I told her she'll have to wait her turn till I feel like making another one! =p