Finger Knitting at Library

Let me start by saying that there were 25 kids signed up to do finger knitting today at our library, with my daughter and I, ready to teach. Well I think there were 6 kids who showed up and 8 adults. Needless to say it went very well with that ratio. The Librarian wants to do it again as part of fall storytime. The Librarian completed a piece long enough for a snazzy lime green belt. Several others got nice sized pieces to go home and finish. Many of the adults were more excited than the kids. The kids had fun but the adults were thrilled at learning something new. I also got to promote the "Knitting Knook" while I was there and got several prospects for lessons. It was a great 90 minutes.


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So glad it turned out well. Hope it continues to encourage you to do more of the same.



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Woot! That sounds like a good idea! Hm... A children's book about finger knitting could be fun...