Ramen Noodle Knitting and Porn

So, I finished filming a trailer for the book "Mad Man Knitting," and as many of you would guess, I did two versions. One for the masses, and one for the GREATER mass of porn viewing lovelies out there. Would you believe it was pulled from xtube for being.....forbidden? Interesting. Anyway, the clean version is on youtube, and as I was watching my own self on display for the world to see, the recommended videos were interesting. There was one for Ramen noodle knitting. Is it possible? I mean, I'm sure it is, how could it not? Chopsticks aren't that different than needles, and a soft, cooked bowl of Ramen is an awful lot like a skien of yarn. Has anyone actually tried that? I mean, what would be the reason? What would be the intention? Here comes your question! How many of you have knitted madness out of oddness. I know corn is big now, so that's not THAT off the charts? Have any of you actually knitted Ramen? Or pasta? Would love to meet you if you have.


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I haven't knitted ramen, but I've tried knitting metal wire (worked ok... hard on the hands) and plastic grocery bags (also worked ok... just didn't care for it.)

Grace and peace,

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Yeah, but WHY???

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It's the "best" in haute cuisine -- a 4x6" "swatch" of spaghetti wrapped around an oblong meatball and smothered in the house marinara....

or maybe not....

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I would have to guess it was pulled from xTube because you were promoting your book. There's probably something in the TOS about it, but xTube is doing weird things right now and the site won't load so I can look it up. You could try GayTube.com, however in their "Terms of Use" they say, "GayTube prohibits the posting of any text, url, trade names, or other commecrical promotion anywhere on the site..." (spelling error theirs, not mine). Not sure if they would classify it as commercial promotion or not. I'm sure there are other video hosting sites you could try, or you could use a file sharing site like RapidShare.com.

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Thanks for the heads up! I appreciate that!