Learn To Knit Afghan Book, by Barbara Walker

Learn To Knit Afghan is an excellent book to learn how to knit with. You learn various techniques by knitting 63 afghan squares. Barbara Walker takes you through knit and purl, mosaic, slip-stitch, twist-stitch patterns, cables, increase/decrease, and lace techniques. I am not a brand new knitter, but there are things in the book that I am anxious to try. And squares are less intimidating and require less time. I work on them in between projects when I want a quick fix. Smile I am currently working on square 10, Diagonal Chain, which is a mosaic pattern. Fun and easy way to do color knitting.

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I like Walker's books... ...but I just a few days ago got the two Vogue "Stitchionary" books... which seem to have similar patterns...

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Thanks for this post and for reminding me of her book - I'm definitely ordering it. I'm a big Barbara Walker fan - her books are classics, filled with incredible information, and I have her first two (now very dog eared, and dog chewed, come to think of it). Her books in fact do set the bar for newer books (like the Stitchionary books) - and she's a radical feminist neo-pagan to boot! She's also the author of Woman's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets.

Jonathan in DC

ps: great job with the pictures!

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I'll have to check into that book; you're squares are awesome!