I can not believe how long it has been

I can not believe how long it has been since I posted last. Long story short: I finally got a job right after I posted last, and was doing fine assembly with my hands all day long, making knitting out of the question. I worked there for four months before they got rid of me, and just yesterday started a new job. The mean time was spent doing all kinds of odd things and even some knitting. I finished three Foliage hats in various colors and I am starting another one tonight. I have been working on the amazing Queen Anne's Lace, and now just have one problem; I know how to join yarn when it is normal sized, but how do I join a new skein when it is lace-weight yarn on large needles? I have been stalled on this for months, because I just keep putting off finding out/asking someone/trying it myself for fear of making a mistake on an otherwise perfectly knit piece.

I have been working on my socks as well, finally got the heel done and will be working on the foot as soon as I get paid. My best estimate will leave me with several inches still to go on the toe, so online hunting I go to find a matching skein. The socks are turning out beautifully though, I can not wait for this two year adventure to be done.

I have been spending a lot of time making baby things for my brother and his wife, who had a little girl just before my birthday in May. Baby socks and hats and things were all I made for about two months. I have also been making some things for a 9-month old boy, and his parents have loved them. The socks I made were OSU orange and black colored (both the boy's Father and I went there so we are kind of partial) and were the only ones he could not kick off apparently. While I don't mind making them, they are fast and very useful, I just wish that the items I was making has a bit more style. I have looked at hundreds of kids patterns, and I absolutely hate almost every single one of them. I was feeling like I was back looking for a men's sweater pattern.

Other than that, I am at the age where all of my friends are getting married. This has led me to be the Best Man at one wedding last month, and I will be officiating a wedding for another couple in November. While I consider myself to be a rather fluent public speaker, just as with my Best Man's toast I will have to be walking a very fine between being funny and not offending anyone. This is going to be quite a challenge.


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what fiber is the lace weight? If it's feltable, then do a "spit join" (or what the more couth call a felted join) - if it is NOT feltable, then do a russian join.

BTW - good to see you back

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It is baby Alpaca...I have no idea if that felts, I never use it for anything.

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Russian join, my friend.

Good to see you back. I've also been away, but am trying to rejoin the world of manly knitting.

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Good to hear from you! Here's hoping things steady out and we can keep in touch with you. I go with Russian join also for the splicing. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.