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For the past couple months, I've been spinning some Blue Faced Leceister (http://www.bflsheep.com/images/breed.htm). I've heard many others squealing with delight about this fleece, and when I had a chance to see some it, I knew why. It's beautifully soft, and has a nice lustre to it. What I have is called natural -- it's a rich brown, but with a few white hairs in it, which softens the colour to this gorgeous soft brown colour.

Of course, I am spinning this on my trusty CD spindle. I find it so portable, and it's always beside me when on the computer, and I take it with me if I am going to have some waiting to do. While watching some movies (and I've seen some wonderful marathons lately), I pick up the spindle to keep me awake. And I can't just sit doing nothing -- I have to account for every minute in the day! While the spindle is slightly slower in producing yarn, it sure has done a lot more than my three wheels. I haven't touched my wheels for many months now, so they are essentially useless to me at the moment. Perhaps one day I will get some time to sit down at them, but for now, yarn is being produced without them.

I have attached a pic showing you (cc from top right) the roving, the spindle, the little cocoons I make, and the plied yarn. I only have 227 gm. I did this as a 2-ply -- I usually prefer a 3-ply -- and it will become some lace I think one day. The pattern hasn't been chosen just yet. I haven't measured the grist of the yarn, but it's pretty fine. But that is how it wanted to be spun! I am using the long-draw with this, and it goes very quickly, and so very easy to form smooth even yarn. I'm having the best time of my life with this BFL. Give it a try.

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Love the colour, BFL is a great fibre, must try and get some more one of these days.

Have been knitting for years. I knit continually then will try another craft, but will return to the needles.

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That fiber looks professionally done. So beautiful!

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