Ideas for a dog sweater

Hey guys,

I just recently acquired an addition to our furry family. I have a swiftly growing Great Dane Pup (4-5lbs/week) who is going to need a winter sweater. Anyone seen a pattern for an adjustable doggie sweater or something I won't want to rip my hair out over when he either destroys it or outgrows it? Any suggestions, thoughts or random words are appreciated.

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How FAST can you knit? . . . .

Short of having a knitting machine I can't imagine anything that one could knit fast enough to keep up with a growing pup - especially a Great Dane. I have always had Golden Retrievers and while they are slow growers compared to a Dane it would have been tough to figure out how much sweater to make allowing for growth spurts. Thank goodness Goldens come ready equipped with sweaters.

I know it may be cheating a bit, but have you considered working on a project with polar fleece. Our Brittany loved his polar fleece coat and it had enough stretch and give that always it fit him like a glove. They wash beautifully (especially handy if you have a male) and easy to fit with adjustable velcro straps.

Maybe you could match it with a fetching hand knit scarf!

Cheers! - Phil

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There is a great pattern on ravelry called the Darling Darby Sweater, that is designed based on your dog's proportions. It's a since to knit, though the pattern is a bit lengthy in explanation. After you've knit your first one, you will basically have the pattern committed to memory and will be able to churn others out without relying on the pattern.

The other nice thing about this pattern is that is depends on gauge, which means you could use chuncky yarn and larger needles to knit a sweater for a larger dog in less time.

I also like the fact that I can create my own pattern stitches for the back of the sweater. So my dogs have about five of the same sweater, but they all look very different.

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For a growing pup I think Phil has the right idea.

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