New Book!

Run, do not walk, to your nearest and/or other favorite bookseller and take a look at Katharine Cobey's new book "Diagonal Knitting: A Different Slant." This is a wonderful and engaging book, in the style of Elizabeth Zimmerman (but different...). This is not a book of knitting patterns, but a way to take knitting, well, in a whole new direction. While most of her models are women, I think her designs would easily translate to men. In fact, before I even finished reading it (I read it almost like a novel) I had grabbed some needles and some handspun and started a vest based on her designs.

Knitting diagonally is just that - knitting on the bias, with shaping done with simple k2tog and yarn over increases - but then she adds on a layer of geometry and explains how squares and triangles and rectangles and trapezoids work and...the next thing your doing is designing hats, scarves, coats, blankets, vests, SOCKS...all on the diagonal.

The photographs are great, too, and VERY inspiring to me.

The book is here, along with my review at

I highly recommend this book.

Jonathan in DC


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I will be on the outlook for this book. Thanks for letting us know this.