Web mavens -- do you have a solution?

Help! My work firewall started blocking a great knitting resource, Asplund knits blog, and all the blogs linked to it. Is there commonly a "back entrance" work-around in cases like this? Thanks for any suggestions.


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You might be able to use a web-based proxy server.

I'm no expert though.

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I'd email him directly (he's a member on here) - maybe he can send you a different way to access the site?



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If your IT dept is doing it's job correctly; nope, there is not going to be a back door.

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Kind of depends on what they're blocking and why. You say they just started blocking it, which means they must have updated something that blocks it. Is it just that site, or blogspot in general? Do they consider it a security risk, or is it just that your employer doesn't consider it work related?

If it's just some kind of accidental blocking caused by a change in definitions of some sort, and your employer doesn't mind that you view this site at work, you could just request an exception.

If that's not a viable alternative, you could try viewing the cached version on Google. Do a Google search on Asplund knits blog, and look for the word "cached" in the results. Click on that and view a version that I think is actually on the Google servers instead of the blogspot servers.

Caveat, if it's blocked because of content, this won't work either, but it's worth a try.

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A couple of ways I can sometimes get around blocked sites:

- My company provides me VPN (Virtual Private Network, I think) access to the work network when I'm working remotely. Sometimes tunneling into the network even while I'm at work will give me different access than without VPN (but if you don't have this kind of access, it's a moot point).

- Get yourself an iPhone or PDA with web access and view it there when a miniaturized version of the site will suffice.

- If I can get friendly with some of the local IT staff, they will sometimes give the name of a proxy server you can go through to bypass these filters, but you often times have to bribe them with food or alcohol or both.