It's DONE!!!...Well...kinda...

So I finished the L'il Bunny Foo Foo Shawl by MMario and have included some pictures of it blocking. I used my own handyed/handspun yarn and it took about 700 yards. I ended up not doing the edging or the 4th chart because the darn thing was too damn big already (I used big needles...size US 13) and the person im making it for is a really short and stout girl. So here it is...trying to decide if I should do a crochet edging or something with a smaller crochet hook. Let me know what you guys think!!!

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That's gorgeous, Mitch! Beautiful knitting and beautiful colors. Did you dye those long color repeats, or did you work with multiple separate strands?

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Very nice. I'm sure the recipient will love it.

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aha! you learn the secrets of lace-fu, Mitchhopper!

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