Norwegian knitter and blogger Pinneguri made me laugh the other day - enjoy!

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Hahaha!! That's hilarious! Thanks for sharing.


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That's great! I'm afraid if I used it in church on Sunday there'd only be one or two of us who'd confess it..... ;-)

Grace and Peace,

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And a light, more church-friendly version wouldn't be half as fun: "Alas, dear me, oops..."

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So I went to that site, and couldn't really see what we were supposed to see... I did see the words being formed, and that was sort of cute.

I went to do something else, and later came back to that site once more... and those darn words had changed!! And into something less refined but clearly full of emotion!! Wow! You know of course that those words are never ever used in my house while I am knitting... never. Really. Well, maybe once.

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Ha ha - same thing here!

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*giggling* oh yes, I'm feelin' it!

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That is great! Can't wait to share it with the Sip and Knit group on Thursday!

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"Sip and Knit" sounds like a great group - and your profile picture is wonderful!