Rubbing shoulders - er, ribcages - with the giants

First, a question: what's your favorite pattern for a dressy men's scarf? I have worsted weight yarn in one color, and am thinking about working a herringbone look in a knit/purl combo, but I'm open to ideas...

This past weekend I was delighted to be able to attend two classes taught by Franklin Habit at Loop in Philadelphia. I was his favorite guy in the classes. Well, okay, I was the only guy in the classes besides him. What better way to study lace than under the tutelage of a man? If my memory serves me correctly, we were introduced to the Orenberg, Estonian, and Shetland schools of knitting lace. In the lace edgings class we knit the smallest possible model of an Orenberg shawl's construction, which ended up looking like a "Stupid Little Snowflake." I also got Franklin to try to work some voodoo magic on a pair of misbehaving socks I had started in the Franklin's Panopticon colorway. Now, hopefully they will knit up into socks that fit me. Some people climb the stairs of a cathedral on their knees; I bring partially knit socks. I can say with confidence that Franklin is a good sport for strange requests.

Among the stuff I've been knitting, I whipped up a hat for a friend, which I found myself wearing so much that I knew I'd better make one for myself. I made my version to match a pair of mitts I finally got around to knitting in Shepherd's Worsted. The Mitts are Stephen West's Diamondback Mitts, while the hat is Ysolda Teague's Cairn. Both use slipped stitches to work their magic. I love the way the Cairn hat knits up; it's one of those knits that moves along quickly and interestingly, and is pretty easy to follow where you are. The crown decreases are a pip, and the hat feels great when worn. Best of all, it looks trickier than it is. So there's my Christmas hat recommendation for y'all.

I was glad to make it to the revival of the men's knitting circle in center city Philadelphia last month. If any of you guys are in the area on the last Tuesday of the month, come on out! It's a haul for me to get there, but it's nice to knit with guys once in a while, so I do it whenever I can.

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Hey Willy, spending an afternoon with Franklin is always a pleasure. Good for you for making it to the class in Philly and great new projects! As for the scarf, I'm going to say Red Herring Scarf. One of these days I'm going to have one, that is when I finish the one of the needles which has been its home for the past two years.

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What is the Red Herring scarf...I couldn't find it on either Ravelry or in a search of this site???

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I think it's this one:

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I love that...but it isn't knit length's knit across...
Wonder if I could simply change the direction???

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I just love that picture of you and Franklin. I'm jealous!

Gotta go with the Red Herring Scarf too. It's very classic and classy.

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Isn't Franklin the best. I so enjoyed him at the MFKR in Seattle. Love the hats and mitts.

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I love a cable stitch scarf, which can be made so it looks the same on both sides. I just made one for my granddaughter. Mail me for the pattern.
Greetings from a sunny Denmark.

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A couple of years ago I started "Henry" scarf from Knitty Fall 2007, it's a herringbone pattern but I found the resulting fabric to be very 'firm', no drape to it. Perhaps it was the size needles or the yarn, but it certainly looks a very smart scarf.

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This is the one the girl at the yarn store suggested, too, but it's helpful to hear your experience with it. Some people described it as being rather difficult... I do like that it's knit lengthwise, as my least favorite part of scarves is the constant back-and-forth. What size yarn/needles did you use?

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Very nice work, Willy. [That goes for meeting Franklin as well.] I like the way the mitts and cap compliment each other. As for scarves, I don't know of any right off the top of my head but I like the idea of taking a pattern that inspires you and making the swatch into a scarf. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.