Bazaar success

Well I did my first Bazaar on Thursday and it was a minor success. I did not have many items due to the designing deadline. The bazaar was a lunch time event from 11-1 and I sold all scarves but made some mad money for myself and my wife. I did get the Noro Scarf that I had made some time ago, sold to a friends mother. I think she will enjoy wearing it as it is very colorful. I think I will do the Bazaar again next year and my wife and I are going to start stockpiling yarn and projects for such events. Yeay me!

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Well done Russell. It is worthwhile stockpiling for a special event like this.

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The weaving guild has a pre-Christmas sale in mid-November and they keep telling us all year long that when you are making several items to always add one more for the sale. Make as many as you like for friends or yourself, but always put one item aside for the sale. That's very good advice. On a loom that is easy enough to do -- setup takes most of the time, weaving goes quickly once the loom is dressed. With knitting, you still have to spend the same amount of time on each extra project, so it doesn't quite work the same.

However, I do agree that you can work on things all year long, during those long waits or in front of the TV, or sitting out in the shade of the old oak tree... knit scarves and mittens for sale in these bazaars. We could all use a little yarn money! Knitting keeps us occupied -- otherwise, we might get into trouble (idle hands and all that).

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Very nice. Love the lace detail.

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Yes start now, I just finished a three day show and sold out of most small items ie scaves, socks wrist warmers and such, I did sell a few large items, shawls and sweaters but they take so long to knit I think I will change my approach for the next one. Being a solo knitter I think one every two years should work for me. I just love knitting and can only give so much away so it helps to finance my addiction lol.