Men's Fingerless gloves

I'm back and I'm just going to start by asking for help.

This is my first attempt at gloves. The pattern comes from [Copyright 2000 J. Campbell] the internet, Men's Fingerless Gloves. I was inspired to look for them by seeing a pair of fingerless gloves on the ghost on top of the train in The Polar Express. I love the movie. The pattern says to put the 18 thumb gusset stitches on a string, cast on 4 stitches, knit around 56 stitches. Knit even for 1/2" or to desired lenght before knitting fingers.

I was looking for help here. It doesn't say to join the other stitches and knit in the round. Shouldn't I do this? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks much,


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The 4 cast on stitches should be where the thumb gusset stitches were, closing the gap to the next stitches after the gusset. It creates the bit of fabric that covers the side of your index finger knuckle, if that makes any sense. I would use a backwards loop cast on, which does not require a second strand of yarn, so that you can simply continue knitting the next stitches in the round after casting on the four loops. You will then see the gusset hanging out from the glove as a separate hole for your thumb.

Looks great so far!

Thanks much! After I posted the blog I followed the directions [novel concept] and figured it out. I feel really stupid. I think I'm going to have to take out the index finger I just finished. I started the fingers too early. I am constantly practicing the Zen of "un-doing."

Regarding the photo. I posted it separately via "Create Content." I took the photo with my Iphone and emailed it to myself. I think it was about 600+ kilobytes. The photo was rotated when I uploaded it. I didn't plan on it.

Thanks again.


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No prob! I've had plenty of those moments where I feel stupid. Thanks for the photo info. I actually just saw that option you mentioned, but have yet to try it. Now I know what it does!

As for the Zen of undoing, I noticed what looks like lifelines. Smart guy. I should learn, but I don't...