Creative Arts Day

At our church, we have a day every year called "Creative Arts Day." This year, in addition to some performing arts, I put out a display of some of my knitting projects. I had one sweater, and a photo of another, some hats, dischoths, scarves, etc. It was pretty fun. I usually knit in church, so it was fun to show off some of the projects.

Here are a couple of examples:

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We did the same at our church. It was mostly visual arts (paintings, drawings, and the like) but a friend asked me to put in some of my wife's and my knit and crochet projects. They were a hit. I even sold a scarf to my friend.

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Well done to both of you, and congrats on the sale, it is always nice to have your labour's recognized.

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Guys, thanks for showing your viewers so much about yourselves. It's so good for our community when we stand up and be counted as open, out, real people [oh my word and the word is "trite." Is Hallmark hiring?]

Until a couple of years ago I was a Roman Catholic -- Franciscan persuasion. I'd served on many parish ministries, the last of which was our Adult Faith Formation Committee. Imagine. And I was out and not at all quiet about it. And the support/approval/whatever-you-want-to-call-it that I got was so positive and encouraging. It can work, as it certainly is working for you.

Funny thing, tough, is that I volunteered to catalogue the parish's 3,000 volume library. While doing so, I read a ton a theology-related works. Result: as soon as I completed the 2-year project, I became an "open, out, real people" atheist.

Regards, Jerry

Regards, Jerry