Happy Thanksgiving and a new project

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I have been absent from the site for a while because I have devoted a lot more time to wind ensemble I play in and I have been playing more volleyball tournaments. (I may be traveling to your city soon.) I have been knitting though. The time between matches is an excellent time to get a few rows done. I am working on the mitered square blanket in the fall issue of the Interweave magazine. Is anyone else working on this project?


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Happy Thanksgiving! And welcome back. And no, I think I have the patience for an occasional mitered square washrag. So kudos to you! But I did actually pick up that issue, which is not a usual practice for me. I was rather impressed. Good luck with your blanket!

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I have 25 of the 100 squares finished and I am started to lose steam. I need to get another project going to have some variation in my knitting.