My new Knitting machine - Knitmaster 155

Just thought i would post some photos of my new knitting machine. Its a Knitmaster 155 which is basicly the same as a Silver Reed SK155.

Cant wait to knit some things on it.


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i think i might be seven shades of jealous.

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Awww, ive been after one for a while to be honest. Another to add to the collection now!!! I didnt actually know what the guys on here would think to it as i know some people look down on machine knitting as inferior, but i dont as i love both hand and machine knitting. I always have at least one project on the go on both (ok maybe more than one!) I love the ease and versatility of these machines and you can create so many different designs to suit everyone.

Last night i knitted the sleeve to a chunky pullover im doing in like 40 minutes!!! Its crazy!

Thanks for your comment