2-color, pinky wrap question....

Good morning guys,

I have this problem -- I'm working on some 2-colored mittens for my wife. (Jared Flood's Strago). The main color is held in my right hand (as I normally do); the 2nd color is held in my left hand. Here's the problem - loop around my left little finger keeps coming off and *poof*... no tension.

I've tried wrapping different directions... and different numbers of wraps... and wrapping different fingers... and different combination of fingers...

I don't do a lot of color work.. is this just one of those things I'm going to have to keep doing until my fingers "get it" or are the tricks that I don't know?


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HOve you tried waving it between several fingers? I don't actually wrap yarn to tension the way I see many people do ; but I do control the feed by weaving it between the fingers.

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Star Trek Vulcan greeting / Kohen benediction works for me: the yarn wrapped once around the pinkie (#5) goes under the ring finger (#4) and is held in place by pressing the ring finger against the pinkie, and then the yarn passes under the middle finger and between the middle finger and index finger, up over the back of the index finger, where it is held in place by pressing the index and middle finger together. This is a wrap-wave combination that lets the left hand relax but provides two ways of adjusting the tension.

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Tim, have you tried holding both colours in your right hand, one colour over your index finger, the other colour over your middle finger? I switch between both methods when I do colour work.

hey boss,
a good wrap that tends to lock in the pinky loop is:
down between 4 and 5th fingers
up around outside of 5th
down between 3rd and 4th fingers
up between 2nd and 3rd

this gives a lot of tension, but it is good for keeping the yarn on your fingers.

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Sometimes I lace the yarn between my fingers and then wrap it around the "rude" finger to give it the tension lock I need. This is especially true when I'm doing Continental style with the right hand dominant. [As you may remember, I am left-hand dominant for my knitting.] -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Thanks everyone... I'm going to have to take some time to try out all the options! (Hoping to still get this second mitten done before Sunday when we're going caroling.... I'll post a picture when it's done!)

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