First Meetings...

First meetings warrant introductions.

Hi! I'm Matt, and I've been knitting for just under 2 months.

I've done the prerequisite beginner scarves, two in fact. The black & white one was the first, total garter stitch and looks much better against my pea coat than against the couch. The red one was 2x2 rib and my mother currently has it.

My current project is a top-down v-neck from knittingpureandsimple. I have about 10 more inches on the body before I start the sleeves.

I'm really enjoying knitting so far, it's so nice and relaxing to curl up with it after work.

The other particulars about me: I'm 36, have 2 cats, live in northern California, have a full time job and am going to grad school. Sanity? What's that? In my spare time (hah!) I bake, cross-stitch and read.

Pleasure to meet you. :-]

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Welcome, Matt! The scarves look great and the sweater is awesome! I love the Knitting Pure and Simple patterns. Currently making a pullover hoodie for the boyfriend from them. And only knitting under 2 months??? That's some progress, keep it up!


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Yes, I think this pattern was a good choice for a first "major" project. Enough new things to learn without being overwhelming.

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Welcome Matt. I love the Knitting Pure and Simple Henley sweater. It is probably the sweater I wear the most. I just finished my 2nd one and will probably make a 3rd one for myself.

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I like the look of the Henley also. I prefer sweaters a bit looser around the neck area. Might pick that one up to have the pattern, after I finish the v-neck. Thanks!

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Welcome, Matt!
...if you're anywhere near San Francisco we'd love to have you join us for Monday Night Knit..a great group of people!

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I'm up in Chico so that'd be about a 4 hr drive for me. But thanks for the offer!

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How ironic.. I'm coming down to Chico this weekend for a West Coast Swing dance event... Unfortunately, that will totally occupy my time and I won't have time to knit or really travel outside the event. Bummer! Are you associated with the university?

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I am associated with the university in that I'm a grad student, getting my masters in Computer Science.

The Swing event sounds fun. I miss having time for things like that.

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hey matt,

depending on how close you are to Sacra, I could hook you up with my absolutely most wonderful friend Bren. He's a stitcher supreme and an all around great guy.



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Welcome Matt, always good to see a new face.

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Thank you!

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Great knitting, Matt. Welcome to the group. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Hi Matt,

Welcome to the group.
The scarves are wonderful, and sweater looks to be coming along very nicely. You know, of course, that we'll all want to see photographs of the sweater once it is completed too.

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well of course!