Scarves for HIV+ youth

Hey guys I volunteer at BAY POZ (Bay Area Youth Positives) out here in San Francisco and was hoping to ge yout guys’s help. I wanna give the clients here a scarf for Krystmas… We are a org that helps 16-26 year olds living with HIV+ most of which are homeless or living in a group home.

I know is kinda cutting it close but we have around 30 people active in the agency and I cant possibly knit everyone a scarf and get my holiday knitting finished…

Is ther anyway I can talk 25 of you guys into knitting a quick scarf to give to away as a holiday gift?

Thanks for all your help in advance :-)


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YIEKS, that's too close for me. HOWEVER, I know there's a similar initiative for orphans, but they do their scarf gifts at valentine's day. I'd be ably to knit up a scarf for you by then, if that was something you'd consider.

Good work. Thanks for doing it!

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what a wonderful idea! Its the hardest time of the year for folks, unfortunately - our time is all taken up with trips and finishing projects, etc. however, I know that people are always hunting for something to do come the new year. If you want to make plans to start a drive for the new year be sure to let me know - I'd be more than happy to make a scarf...




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I have time and would love to make a scarf for one of your boys. Where should I send it?

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My goal is to start giving scarves away during the frist week of the new year....if anyone is up for it you can send the scarves to:

Krystifer Dixon
"Think of the Chil'ren Project"
710 Oak St.
San Francisco Ca 94117

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Born Gay...FABULOUS by choice...