Need sizing help!

Ok guys! I've got another one for you. I found a cowl pattern for my niece and made it rather quickly using Lion Brand Wool-ease. Don't know why, but I really enjoy knitting with LB.

Anyways, Now I need to make a matching hat. I have a standard men's hat that I make often, the pattern is pretty neutral so it can be used for either gender, its warm and looks good. My only question, how do I adjust the size to fit a 17 year old girl? Its a one size fits most pattern, but its from a knitting book with patterns for men so I fear it will be too big for her. Also I can't ask her to measure her head because it's a Christmas gift, and supposed to be a surprise. Did I mention she changed her flight plans and instead of having a month and a half to get read, i have two weeks?

I would greatly appreciate anyone's insight on this as I don't have much time to knit this hat and I'm stumped.




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21 or 22 inches should be safe.

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I actually went out to pick up a bundle of WoolEase this year. A couple years ago I knit a hat for my dad from WE sportweight, and he wears it all the time. I just checked it this week, and it still is in good condition. Woot.

How's your hat coming? Is it a ribbed hat? If so, all you have to worry about is length, really.

Here's a really horrible idea if you're still looking for confirmation. If you don't have any women in your life that you can direct your question to, you could perhaps go to a clothing store for teenagers and measure the dimensions of the girls hats. (I'm thinking Gap or Old Navy or American Eagle as examples.) Check the width, but also measure how high the hat goes before it starts to decrease. And compare them to the men's hats, and see if there's any difference. Lucky for us, knits are in.