Hat Update.

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Ok, so I made a test hat this past weekend. It turned out quite well, I even manged to do my first invisible seam. It felt great to not muddy up the look of my the hat with the normal/botched sewing job I usually do.

I used a super chunky wool, Lion Brand WoolEase Thick & Quick, as that's what I bought for the cowls and I wanted them to match and they do. I was afraid the hat would be too stiff and I knitted the super chunky wool on 6mm needles, but it wasn't stiff. In fact my hubby loved and hasn't stopped wearing it. The smaller needles and bulky wool seems to have made it extra warm, and the cold air doesn't seem to get through.

I was hoping to take a picture to post it, but like I said, the hubby won't take it off...

Today, I'll start my niece's hat. I had to modify my pattern slightly as the hat I just finished was a little too snug for my taste. Plus when a female friend tried it on she told me to make it just a tiny bit bigger so it won't mess up her hair as much...

Pictures to follow!