Need help creating a pattern

Hi Guys,

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season. I need help creating a pattern, I saw this guy in the subway yesterday and he had this really nice knitted hat, the guy wasn't bad either :D. Anyways it was a ribbed hat, from what I could see it was yarn of about a worsted weight and the pattern must of had a k2, that much was visible. However I can figure out how to shape the crown. The ribbing gradually got smaller and all the points met at the center forming star shape. But it didn't swirl at the top like the hats I've made. Also what disappeared as you go close to the top was the purl portion of the ribbing, the knit part only got small but none of the knit bands disappeared. Also the ribbing was alternating in checkerboard type pattern, but not to scale.

Does this make sense to anyone or has anyone come across a pattern like this? Or better yet can anyone help me recreate it?

I did a quick sketch but the scanner didn't do such a great job. I did attach it though.



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Sounds like this cap from Vogue Knitting:

(Except the whole alternating checker-board ribs, but unless I'm assuming that's only switching the knits to purls and vice versa?)

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I just designed a whole set, cap, fingerless mitts, and scarf with a similar stitch pattern. It is to be published by Skacel. Stitch pattern sounds similar to a basket weave stitch. I got my stitch pattern from Barbara Walker's First Treasury. Check those books.

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I think that if you want to create it from scratch you would basically rib the hat until you get to the part where you start decreasing, then all you have to do is p2tog in the purl parts, and the Knit rib will gradually come together. To do so you can check other hat patterns to see exactly how many sts to decrease and how far apart, but it can also be quite an intuitive process (meaning, just try the hat on now and then to see if it's going to end up gnome-like).
If you want to create a very slight checker-board effect, why don't you try twisted st? It's not quite so obvious as the k and p, but it should be a bit noticeable.

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Search for the "Hat Fit for A Boyfriend".

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I saw that one, but the way the ribbing overlaps to make the crown is not the same as the hat I saw. I know, I'm being picky...