Anybody here taken Spinning Classes at Olds College, Olds, AB?

I'm thinking of signing up for Level 1 class held during their Fibre Week 6/27-7/1.
The setting is perfect, a couple hours from Banff; and the most direct route from my house goes through Glacier Nat'l Park.
But it is a trek (3 full days drive each way), and I would be pissed off if:
1) I was the only man within 100 miles of Olds during Fibre Week. Attending Stitches makes me feel like I'm drowning in estrogen, and I wouldn't want to spend a week in that atmosphere.
2) The instruction is not high quality. I am not taking the class for the fun of spinning in a group. That's nice, but I'm trying to improve, and I want to be taught by someone who can actually teach and who knows more than I do.

TIA for any experience you can share.