last minute stocking stuffer #2

1945 British Ladies' Home Companion stocking. \

I have now, in the past 3 years, done this stocking 10 times for 4 different families.

Does anyone else have, or have done this stocking?

This is the first time I did it actually life size to match an existing one. Normally they're half size. I could wear this one. I should have modeled it for a photo but I didn't think of that until now.

NORMALLY the decoration is knit in, but I decided to knit the stocking and Swiss darn it on, as Granny did on the original, so they would match better. HUGELY STUPID!!! Yes, they matched MUCH better, but it was SO NOT WORTH THE EXTRA EFFORT. NEVER AGAIN.

I kinda like the realism of the stocking shape, but I REALLY HATE the Children and the Santa graphics... I'd like to do one with a leaping stag and things like that.

Oh yeah, I did the "Bret" stocking, pictured on the right...Little funny: Every stocking I've ever seen had the name on the side with the toe facing to the left... EXCEPT THIS ONE. I didn't notice that Ronnie was on the side with the toe to the right until I delivered it. I tried to ignore that fact, and no one said anything...

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Nice!!!! Good for your, the patience!!!