I'm back...again

My dear friends,

I'm embarrassed to see how long it has been since I've been on here. I wish I could be sharing lots and lots of good news about projects completed and how wonderful life has been. Unfortunately, I am single again after the death of my beloved Bruce after 4 years and 10 days together. I won't go into the details as I have had to tell the story more times that I care to admit. I will say there was not a lot of time to myself to knit for the last roughly 2 years before he died. Now, of course, there's nothing but time. Anyway, I'm back for now and re-establishing the life I had.

Luv 'n' Stuff
Bob in Fort Lauderdale


steve kadel's picture

welcome back. sorry for your loss. it takes time and things like knitting can help with all that passing of time

we won't just get a cat, nubby nu nu, will manifest a kitten from our love...and lint from our hemp socks

we put birds on things

chipsir's picture

Yes welcome back, the "Men who Knit" family are all here for you to lean on.

Kerry's picture

Bob, sorry to read about Bruce's death, recent times must have been awful for you. Welcome back to MWK.

d_alienation's picture

Now you only need the yarn between your fingers and you'll be completely back. Stay strong, keep knitting and take good care of yourself.

TomH's picture

So glad you're back. Hopefully we can help ease your pain.

Darrel's picture

There's no need to feel embarrassed. In all likelihood, your timing is just right. Welcome back!