Knitting DVD

Does anyone have the DVD by  I am always searching for new ways to up-skill my knitting.  We don't have any knitting classes here and the selection of knitting books is poor.  I thought that this DVD might be useful.  Any comments or suggestions for other DVD's?


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The Zimmerman DVD's are good... I particularly like the Knitting Glossary... covers all kinds of topics...

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I've got the video.  It's great!  Much easier to understand than books.  If you're bandwidth challenged then it's definitely worth the cost.


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I have both the KnittingHelp and Zimmerman. I prefer the Knitting Help. I use it at least a couple of times a week. The Zimmerman is good for those times when you need a few good Zzzzzzzzz. I know, she is a goddess, but she's SO mellow.

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I have seen the EZ videos, and Meg's too, and love them both.  They are good for beginners, I think, but then I like her style.

 One other that you should check is Lucy Neatby's new DVD's, which are being released about now.  Those that have seen them are very impressed, and I have mine on order.  I hope to get my hands on them within the month.  And she is such a neat lady!

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I like the videos--I pretty much learned to knit from them.  I've even loaded the parts about correcting mistakes onto my iPod so I can turn to it when things get dire and I'm not at home.