Lacquered Wool

this is a knitted and lacquered wool coat. I saw one by Chrome Hearts that had black leather applique on black lacquered cashmere. Totally changes the wool on the outside.

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I would think it would make the wool rather - crunchy.....

and I wonder how well it would think the lacquer would crack and chip.

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the cashmere sweater I saw was more leather-like. Heavily appliqued with black leather Maltese crosses. Stunning! and only $6,000. The lacquer was soft...sort of like a faux leather fabric. They called it lacquer but it might have been a fused vinyl of some kind.

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Amazing work! It really looks like something that would be on a designer runway.

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A beautiful garment!

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Isn't it a sin to deface cashmere?

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This is a gorgeous piece of work... just WOW!!! haha

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WOW - that is soooo my kind of project. So what kind of lacquer are we talking about? Certainly not the hardware wood finishing kind of lacquer?
I've never come across this finish?
I feel so (sniffle) "left out".

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A 100 years ago I had a friend who used to paint her top for the evening directly on her body with latex. I'm guessing this is something similar.

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the latex used for bodies (still) is a peels off ( but not from hairy surfaces)
...very popular with fetish events.

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Me not knowing that, tells me I need to get out more! :-)

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that's super interesting... I bet you could find things that would work similarly... and instead of knitting with cashmere, perhaps trying something a little less costly - like merino? That technique would certainly make an interesting messenger bag...

LOVE it!