Whiskey and wool.

Quick back story. Grandfather had a small place, 10 acres out in the middle of nowhere on the Florida, Georgia line. He died about 2 years ago. The place has been vacant up until now. Having run into one of those moments in life where you comply with what destiny has decided for you, I am now here...tending to the place, loving every minute of being 20 miles from nowhere. Those of you who have met me, or read my blogs before, know me as a bad boy knitter (ok, maybe not THAT bad), but one who doesn't mind the whiskey, the smoke, and the skien of wool pinched from an old lady with her back to me. Now, the writing gig, and the knitting gig have to be my fool time (I mean FULL time) job. I'm inquiring about this whole "etsy" business. I'm sure many of you have things you sell on there, and I imagine its much like any portal that allows one to have a channel, but the marketing and such are all up to you. Before I put up a shop, show off my little doo-dads and things, and get my hopes up, have any of you sold anything successfully online? I want to pursue this new adventure successfully. Skien of wool and bottle of whiskey to boot.


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I've been able to set up a few on-line market-places for both myself and others. I've used "shopping basket" on-line softwares when the vendor had credit card functionality, but they've started to get expensive unless you've got a store full of merchandise to sell.

I've successfully set up a PayPal Merchant page for a few different things (in fact the most recent lottery I set up for donations to the scholarship fund for the Men's Knitting Retreat was set up using this functionality:


I've also sold double-pointed needles using this functionality.

It requires knowing how to set up a web page and embedding links.

Finally, there are a lot of folks that don't particularly like etsy (most who complain say they take too high a percentage cut and it's hard to get your items noticed).

This blogger created a list of alternative sites:

http://psilology.blogspot.com/2008/02/etsy-alternatives.html - (none of which I have ever heard of)

Good luck in your new rural home.

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Awesome information, man! Cracking my next beer for you!

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I've bought stuff from Etsy people before, but not sold anything myself.

Remember, the key to an online store is marketing. There may be good points and bad points of the store itself, but knowing how to drive people to it will make all the difference.

"All knitting is just one stitch at a time."

"All knitting is just one stitch at a time."