Gryphon swatch

I testing charts and size for a new project. This is knitted with Alice Starmore 2ply yarn, but I think I'm going to have to do it in Jamieson's because of the limited colour range available...

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Very impressive. What programme are you using?

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Not using a program...I downloaded graph paper from the internet...and am hand drawing the charts. I've had to do several as the original ones gave me too big a knitted gryphon. Today I redrew according to my stitch gauge, and I'm happier with the results. I xeroxed the chart, flipped it, pasted it up in a repeat I'm going to start the real final chart.
( I hope)

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OK...I'm doing this in an odd way, but it's working beautifully!
Following my hand drawn graph, I charted the design with Intwined Studio, took a screen shot of the page, saved that as a jpeg, then retouched it in Photoshop. I wanted to be able to flip the chart so I'd have mirrored gryphons. Yes...probably the long way to do it...but it worked...LOL

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Very clever - have you chosen colours?? Jamieson and Smith have fewer colours than they used to but enough for me. They are always so efficient with my orders - even those that I receive here in Mexico. Looking forward to seeing it "in action" - sweater, bag???

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It's going to be a tailored waistcoat. I'll cut the knitted fabric and tailor it like a piece of wool. ( I do a lot of that)
I ordered the full set of Jamieson colours..$30. from a Canadian company....but ordered the yarns from Schoolhouse Press. I just discovered that a local shop stocks many of the colours...
It's going to be charcoal grey with teal, lavender, raspberry...

Bill, that gryphon is absolutely AMAZING! I can only imagine what the finished waistcoat will look like if that's anything to judge by. Fantastic work, and I (along with everyone else on here) look forward to seeing photos of the completed article. Best to you, and happy knitting.


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Looks great Bill. If Jamieson & Smith don't have the colour you want, have a look at a Danish woolseller I've recently discovered. There are almost 100 colours in the 2ply yarn which is a Shetland type wool. It is not expensive, sample packs are available (I want all colours!), service is excellent and postage is reasonable.

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Thank you, Kerry!
Their colours are heathered, which I I ordered the colour cards and a few balls of yarn. Shipping was $22.00...but I realize it would cost me $10 just to travel to the closest source of not bad...

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Absolutely stunning, Bill. I look forward to progress reports. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Great work!

you should try doing one in double knit?

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I could...I've been watching Tom do his Portuguese knitting...but this is for a garment, so just one side...I am doing three colours in a row, however...

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Wow Bill - that Gryphon looks great - After your kind comments about my dragon I wanted to see your Gryphon - love it!