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I got to test run some patterns for a certain male designer recently, and the e-book has just been released! So that means I can finally share the projects I've been so happy to knit.

Here's a cowl that was a great relief to knit after the pressure of the holidays. I'm hoping to make another out of my own handspun, since I ended up giving this one away to a dear volunteer at the nursing home.

Drawstring Cowl

Drawstring Cowl

And mittens so delightful that I knit two more pairs before Christmas.

A guy-friendly shawl.

And a hooded scarf appropriately named Loxley.

I've got a bunch more photos on my Flickr page, and more details on Ravelry, but here's the picture book version for ya. Just so you know I haven't given up knitting :)


QueerJoe's picture

So where can we get our hot little hands on this eBook?

WillyG's picture


I don't think it's been published as a book yet, though it seems that the individual patterns are available now through pdf download.

Kerry's picture

Great looking scarves. Westknits?

WillyG's picture

Sure is!

TomH's picture

Love the hooded scarf, mittens and man scarf - are the patterns in your eBook?

WillyG's picture

I just pre-ordered the eBook, but it just said that it will be available in February. The patterns will be in there, to be sure, but I might be, too!

Aaronknits's picture

Oooooh, very nice! I paricularly like the mittens and the hooded scarf.

YarnGuy716's picture

They all look great. The hooded scarf looks really good on you. I'm liking the new hat designs in the book as well.

mr.cullen's picture

Hi. All of these projects look great. I especially like the mittens and the colors of the cowl. Great looking projects. Good job. Keep up the good work. Thanks for sharing....Cullen

WillyG's picture

I think I'm with ya, Cullen... the mittens have stolen my heart, and I love them every day as I wear them. As for the cowl, I was loathe to part with it, but I'm inspired to spin my own yarn to make up for it. Too bad the colors won't be the same.

Joe-in Wyoming's picture

Very nice work, Willy. I like the looks of that Locksley...may have to try it for myself. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Tom Hart's picture

You are a master, Willy. They're all just awesome.

WillyG's picture

You're too kind! I just knit the patterns; the genius is Stephen's. They really are wonderful patterns, all. The mittens were my favorites, as the combination of garter stitch and cables made them pretty easy to read without fussing over row counters. Gotta love that.