Snow Day/Fiber Day

Hello everyone! The Thundersnowstorm of 2011 walloped us yesterday afternoon here in DC. Took me 2 hours to go the five miles from my office to home, but I have plenty of friends whose commute took NINE hours! I was supposed to have a dr's appt. this morning at 8:30 for my tennis elbow, but so far I haven't been able to get through on the phone much less show up in person, so I'm home, catching up on all my fiber stuff - washing skeins that I spun last fall, sorting fiber, and spinning. My tennis elbow has got me knitting in the Portuguese style which is wondrously easy on the body, so I'll be doing some of that too.

So nice to have an entire day unexpectedly open for fiber stuff!

Jonathan in wet, snowy, DC


Tom Hart's picture

Good for you, Jonathan! Sounds wonderful.

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I teach 2nd grade and these have happened often this year. I call them Snit days (Snow/knit).