bead question

has anyone used beads in knitting? where do you find them with holes big enough for yarn. most seem to have holes only big enough for filament.

i am doing lace project and want to bead it. i am using laceweight, but still...


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I've never used beads in my knitting, but the Webs Beads (same people as Webs Yarn Store) site has a section called "Beads for Knitters".

Here's a Knitty article about using beads in knitting that has a section on bead sizes.

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I've used beads recently to make a necklace knitted with Habu stainless steel/merino where the beads were threaded onto the the yarn, but that is not the usual way. fuzzed's links will be useful and there are many resources on the net. Ravelry also has several groups centered on beads.
Good luck.

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I've used beads a lot - so if you have any questions send me an email at and I'll be happy to answer them.

In general a size 6/0 bead works well. I find it easier (and shows the best) to not pre-string them on the yarn. If you do thread them on the yarn before knitting then the beads will show only on the front side of the work. To place the bead on the yarn I either slide a very small crochet hook through the bead hole and then using the crochet hook lift the stitch to be worked up off the needle and pull it through the bead then place it back on the left-hand needle and knit as normal.

Here's a couple of links that shows a couple of ways of doing this also. And once there - you can obviously find more videos that might be helpful.



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thank you all. it's been most helpful, as usual

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