Clogging standstill

clogsJohn, I'm still clogging-along, or at least I should be. I put these down in July and only got them out to photograph today. All that remains is to attach the sole to the second one, close the centers and tack away. When I did a pair a few years ago, there was no problem with the felting, sole or bumper.

Hopefully I can get these finished and felted for the boyfriend before Halloween!

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I don't know why they took me so long!  I got distracted by some sock yarn and also felt like my gauge was way off.  I know they're going to be felted, but they were coming out very small.  I finally gave in and bought pair of big ol' pink size 15 needles and felt much better about my gauge.  The knitting is done and they're ready to be felted.  I'll do that tomorrow after work.  (I'm going to be completely unfocused on the job).

Good luck with yours.  I like the different colored soles!  I want to do that on my next pair.