Felting Gurus Needed

Hey Guys, I need some help.  I finished my clogs and started the felting process yesterday.  I don't have my own washing machine and use the coin-op one in the basement of my building.  It's a VERY BASIC machine.  There is no way to alter its routine one iota.  I tried to fake it out by taking out water after it had filled, so I'd meet the low-water requirement.  The knitting gods and goddesses had to be laughing because after spending 20 minutes scooping out water, I closed the lid and the machine filled up again.  LOL.  I stuffed the d**n thing with jeans.  This was after 3 cycles.  The wash cycle lasts about 15 minutes tops and the rinse cycle, no choice, is cold.  After 5 cycles, I've got a nice felt going on, but they are way too big.  Except for the last, I took the clogs out for the spin and rinse cycles.  My last effort was to throw them in the dryer on high for about 15 minutes.

Today, I tried putting them in the kitchen sink with hot water and beat them with wooden spatulas.  No joy, still huge.  In desparation, I boiled them, for 10 minutes at at ime and they could still outfit Bozo.

Before I lapse into utter desparation (OK being melo-dramatic), does anyone have any other suggestions for me?  They need to shrink at least another 2 inches or so in length.


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Alternate Hot and cold water baths...and real soap...like liquid Ivory...
you can do it in a large pot... agitate frequently...like scrub them against themselves...

it's the shock of hot and cold...plus the soap that opens and closes the fibre...

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Bill, thanks for the information.  I'm going to give it another go today.