Frantic, but Fabulous Friday

What was supposed to be a slow Friday (Workshop 9:30-1pm, then visit to a yarn shop) started out with an early visit to the dentist. Two hours and 2 fillings later, I still had errands to run. I needed to get to two yarn shops eat lunch and be home by 5pm. I will not tell you about the first yarn shop (PM me if you wish to know). I was on a mission visiting to deliver flyers for our Knitting Retreat April 29 & 30. I didn't get lunch until 1pm. When I got to "Yearning for Yarn" in Plymouth, NC, I was tired and my mouth was beginning to hurt. It was worth the drive. This was one of the smallest yarn shops I have ever been in. It was also one of the best. The owner was kind and sweet and had everything arranged wonderfully, by content, weight, and so on. We talked about knitting, patterns, books, and more. I did not want to leave. I bought some orphans from her bargain basket and headed home. If you are ever in Plymouth, head down town to Water Street and visit "Yearning for Yarn."


Gregory Patrick's picture

Maybe its just me, but in a hall full of bleu haired lovelies would be great! (Scratch the shirley temples, spike em with whiskey). "Really? Roy Rogers is here????"
;) Gregory

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I'm picturing you walking into the yarn shop and trying to talk through numbed lips.