Worked Up

Sitting here, the second day of a dismal grey mess in the sky, a week now since a disastrous break up working up a pair of socks for a partner I no longer have. I'm doing my best to put some good energy in them, some witchery, if you will, in regards to feelings. Nothing bad, nothing painful, but hopeful reminiscence of when things were solid and inspirational. I'm working up a pair of socks for someone I'm not sure still loves me, or even did. I'm working from the cuff down, a striped bit of business, so reflective of our time together. I like some of the stripes as they show themselves.....others I can't wait to get past, but the pattern as a whole, when you step back and look at it from a distance looks wonderful. Listening to Diamanda Galas. "My World Is Empty Without You" and working up a pair of socks. mote it be.


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I know it feels as though ones world is empty and dull after a breakup, especially if the weather is lending its own timber to the mood, but any good witch knows our lives are full of blessings whether we are able to see them at that moment or not, and that we are where we need to be for some particular reason or another...

Enough with that cheery crap though, I want to know if your on the cuff heading down, why don't you alter the socks to your own size and make something warm and comforting for yourself rather than a man who doesn't deserve such an item from you? Put some healing thoughts and positive energy into a project that will help you heal and move on to the next part pf your life. Let him find his way since he severed (in a rather spineless asinine way) the knot that would have led you two on the same path.

Love and Luck

PS: The dark stripes in our socks, er, I mean the dark part of our lives are what lead us to the next section of brightness.

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That was an awfully perceptive comment. I do so appreciate it. Cuff I can bind it at the the very bottom....and call it a day....and work back up again. Something for myself? I've never thought of it. I've never knit anything for myself before.

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Then it sounds as though it's time to. And don't think of it as the end, it's the toe! Pointing you into the next step of the newest part of your life.

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I wholeheartedly agree on this. Make something you can enjoy, turning it into a healing practice. Take care. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I agree, time to knit something for yourself. I know as knitters we tend to knit for others to warn their hearts and lives before we knit things for ourselves, but its a nice change every once and a while. Knit them for you. Your own pair of magick socks.

Fill them with light,
a good affirmation too,
click your heals together times three and make it true.

Ok, that was corny lol. Anyways, if you ever need someone to talk to/chat with... I'm here.
Take care,

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HEY! Light is growing stronger every day as we approach Ostara (the 21st). It's a time of NEW LIFE!

Right now shed yourself of the unnecessary things and look forward to the spring, returning of life and growth.

Sweep out your circle and start fresh.



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This year, you might as well, open yourself up to Spring fever to it's fullest...

Beltaine IS just 'round the corner, after all.


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Spring cleaning, sweetie...

...are we gonna have to play a virtual game of "pass the besom?"