One slipper finished

I found this slipper pattern in The Knitting Man(ual) and enjoyed the process. I had to make adjustments along the way because my medium foot was not the designer's medium foot. But, all in all, I think it turned out respectably well and it fits. Now on to the other one. I used a 90% wool/10%acrylic blend, simply because I liked the color. It feels good on my foot and that's the important part. I am happy because this is my first wearable project other than hats, cowls, and scarves.

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Beautiful, Mark! You're not wasting any time getting good at this craft. I've got a slipper on my to do/learn list. I hope I'm as successful as you have been. Great, great job!

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You have done a great job Mark. These slippers look nice and wearable. I also like the color.


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Ait looks great, and it's comfortable you say? Unfortunately my good leather slippers met an ugly fate in the mouths of the irrascable foster dog and a bored 8mo great dane puppy... But I do have some extra worsted yarn laying about. I know, imagine that in this house?

Was the knitting man(ual) a book you own or do you think I could hunt up said pattern on the internet?

Again, great work, i'm glad you've had a succesful run at a fitted garment. Makes us feel like we know what we're doing, doesn't it?


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I feel you Quinton!!! If I had a dime for every pair of slippers I lost to a puppy or precocious foster....

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We had a beagle for a couple years and he ate everything sight; he had a fondness for expensive leather goods. The day he literally dug through the door from the kitchen to the mudroom and ate my L.L. Bean boots was the day that dear, sweet Willie moved to a farm far, far away.

We have a killer library here and I found the book there. I also found the following books which I am going to plow through and get some ideas:
Son of Stitch'n bitch
Men Who Knit & The Dogs Who Love Them
Knits Men Want

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These are looking great! I have that book and I'm now much more interested in making them!

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Hi Millard...they aren't really too hard, especially for someone with your talents. My photos hide a few flaws that only my family and I can truly appreciate. ;) We call them love knots.

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That looks great, you did a very nice job.

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Very nice work, Mark. I must have missed that pattern when leafing through that book. Still, I have a couple of patterns for slippers that I use regularly...not that I knit slippers very often. Most commonly, it is the slipper/sock I use to teach sock knitting. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Thank you everyone for your very kind words. I really enjoy knitting and am finding it very rewarding, especially as a peaceful, therapeutic hobby, at least once I get over the speed bumps along the way. I'm gaining confidence when it comes to reading patterns, but still find it a challenge to make something that comes from another person's head. This pattern was very straightforward. I was especially pleased that she answered a couple questions I had.