Alpacas and a Baby Blanket

This weekend I took my family to Beech Springs Alpacas. The owner, Kate Brown, was very kind and wonderful with the kids. My son wanted to play "Tag" with the alpacas (see picture below). I snapped that pic as he was explaining the rules to them. I will be helping Kate with the shearing of her alpacas on April 9th. I have also arranged to by a "share" in this year's shearing. My wife and I will get 6 hanks of alpaca yarn and 2 pair of socks. I just finished and blocked a baby afghan for a friend who is due in 3 weeks. I gave it to her this morning and she loved it. It is Jared Flood's pattern for "Wool Leaves". I used a super bulky weight yarn instead of 2 strands of worsted. I love the way it turned out and will probably do it again. Check the pics below to see results.

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The blanket looks great! And I would love to go play tag with the alpaca!

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Really nice blanket! The color looks great in the pics.

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Thanks. I thought it was a nice color for a baby boy.

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Beautiful blanket! I love that pattern and the color is great. I'm so jealous...I want to play tag with the alpacas too!
The Knitting Mill

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Very nice. And the alpacas playing tag looks like fun. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

I think we all need some alpacas to play with----I have spun alpaca hair and really love the yarn--heavier than wool and very warm.

That is ABSOLUTELY one of the most beautiful baby blankets I've ever seen. It's really heirloom quality just judging the look of it. Great work there.