Elizabeth Taylor has died.

Just saw the news release that a great actress and humanitarian has died. I'm not surprised, given her ill health for many years. Still, she will be missed. Her great compassion and acting ability will long outlive the memories of the ups and downs of her personal life. May she rest in peace and many Blessings on her and her loved ones.


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May she rest in Eternal Peace! Blessings to her family. Sid

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Ms. Taylor filled her life with incredible accomplishments and she filled our lives with her amazing talent and gave us real entertainment. She was definitely one of a kind. Thanks, Liz!

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In Elizabeth Taylor there is proof that true beauty is more than skin deep. Because she loved her friends, she used her fame to increase public awareness of HIV/AIDS. She took a stand. Blessings to her, her memory, and to her loved ones.

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The moment I heard the news, I cried. I fell in love with her when I saw A Cat on a Hot Tin Roof! Giant, Suddenly Last Summer & Butterfield 88. She was beautiful, intelligent and elegant. I love the was she took up the cause! She LIVED! No regrets! WONDERFUL! RIP Elizabeth........