BOOK GIVEAWAY - From my shelves to yours

Hi guys. I need to make a bit room on my book shelves so I've chosen some titles to give away. I have enjoyed knitting things from each of these and I'm ready to pass them along to be enjoyed by someone else.

Because of the titles, I'm giving them away as pairs. The first pair is Folk Bags and Folk Hats by Vicki Square, and the other pair is Mindful Knitting and Compassionate Knitting by Tara Jon Manning.

If you'd like either of these pairs of wonderful books, send me a PM and let me know which you'd like, or if you'd like both pairs. Names will be put into hats and drawn for each pair. If you're interested in both, your name will be put into each hat.

I'll draw the winners on Thursday the 31st, and then contact the winners for their address. Postage is on me too, so don't worry about that.

Thanks, and good luck!!!



Aaronknits's picture

Okay, I put all the names into hats and had Michael draw winners. teejtc is the winner of the Folk Hats & Bags set and Joe-in Wyoming is the winner of the Mindful/Compassionate knitting set.

I do love books, and good books are meant to be shared, and I'm glad to share these with you both. I have made some really fun stuff out of each and I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

Thanks to everyone who was interested in helping me de-stash my knitting library. I'm treating myself to a few new titles this weekend, one of which is the new hardcover edition of EZ's Knitter's Almanac. My little paperback edition well loved to the point that it's poor pages are falling out. I've written notes on some pages, so I'll just have to sandwich them in the same pages of the harcover or re-write them (maybe a little more legibly this time) in it.