SOo.. its like 12:26 at the moment and I have a Microbiology exam tomorrow morning.. wuppy thank bloody insomnia.. soo.. ... to begin this new project, a little about me...
My name is Abraham, im 21 years old and Im in Medical school. My nationality is Mexican and I live and study in the lovely city of San Pedro Garza Garcia Nuevo Leon Mexico. Im about halfway done with med school and completely in love with my career. My birthplace is in the state of Morelos Mexico which means i´m far away from home... sacrifices must be made to be successful.
Finding a yarn shop in Mexico is almost impossible, although with the help of a couple local woman I managed to find THE best yarn store ever a could kilometers from my home!
I hate the color pink and Im in love with wine.. Chardonnay and merino go perfectly together after a long week of clinicals, clases, and exams...

I wish there where more male knitters here in Mexico. I don't doubt there are many out there, although, in our MACHO society being an open knitter is like SOCIAL SUICIDE... which is why i rarely come across our kind..

Lets see what good comes of this blog to my personal growth.. any question? comments? dinner invitations? dont hesitate to contact me =)


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Welcome to our group.

Have been knitting for years. I knit continually then will try another craft, but will return to the needles.

cheeseandstuff's picture

Thanks Craig! =)

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Well, I'm glad to see you found this site since you can't find many male knitters in your town. Welcome and I hope this place brings you good things both knit wise and socially.


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Hey thanks for the comment.... =)

chipsir's picture

Yes, welcome you have found a haven for male knitters. I love your country and visit whenever I can, which unfortunately is not often enough. Again welcome and have many happy knitting hours

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Wuu... thanks! Where have you visited?

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It's nice to add another member to the group! Welcome.
I am in education and teach at the master's level as an adjunct professor in the Chicago area. My field is literacy and all that goes with that. I also teach middle level kids (ages 11-14) reading and language arts. I admire your persistence to get as far as you have at such a young age. Here in the US, medical school doesn't usually begin until after 4 years of undergraduate study at age 21/22. You'll get an early start to your career.

Every continent! Wow! Other than cold, how was Antarctica? Which parts of North America have you visited?

Again, welcome!


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Hello ilhiker, thanks for the comment =)
As an educator in literacy you must cringe at my horrible grammar for which I do apologize. Indeed I did consider the possibility of doing my studies in the US because of the ease applying for a medical residency and because of the low tuition costs compared to my University. I stayed in Mexico because I´d rather study in one of the best Universities in the country then apply to a mediocre state school in the US. The education plan is quite the same, the 4 years of undergraduate is the equivalent of 3 years in my country in medical school, and the following are hardcore med classes... I plan to do my USMLE I next semester so im pretty excited and nervous for that.
Antarctica was VERY cold... I love penguins and It was incredible being able to see them flop around in their social groups... =) ... I ended up in Antarctica by luck. I did a summer term of international studies in Santiago de Chile, Chile last year and our adviser had plane reservations to Stanley Falklands... Being so close to the pole I knew I HAD to go, so having my special friend American Express I purchased my ticket along with other friends and left =).. My parents reaction to my over budget trip was disappointingly undramatic. They love travel.
In north America I have been to Quebec Canada, and all over the United States; Washington, Oregon, California, New York, Rhode Island, and Florida... and lets not forget Texas (nearest shopping city at the moment).

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Welcome to our community. There is a wealth of interaction and support of all types here - knitting and social. Enjoy! -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Welcome to the group

i just wanted to let u know that i have been made fun of because of my knitting. my friend actually started calling me "Nana", but i shrug it off and tell her she's just just jealous that she cant do it. (we love to bust each others chops.)

also, just an FYI: men have been knitting since is was first thought up :) there is more info here:

so what i'm trying so say is that the hell with what ppl think of you knitting, just be proud. and if they say anything just tell men were doing it first :)

cheeseandstuff's picture

Hahaha... yeah the name calling is a must! no male knitting can do his thing without a couple of nicknames. I am very proud of my skills =) Did you know knitting improves surgical dexterity? ....
Thanks for the welcoming =)

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Don't they know it's dangerous to call a man names when he has two sharp pointy sticks in his hands?!

Hi well I finally found an other Mexican knitter that lives near me! LoL I'm in Saltillo if you have a trip over contact me! I know of a great yarn place here in Saltillo. Where is the yarn shape in mty?

Have a great day!

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Welcome Abraham, and remember, real macho men don't care what others think about them. Those others wish they could be like you. :-)

"All knitting is just one stitch at a time."

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Well Darn it ....if men can take ballet leasons because it helps them be better football players and men can be master chefs then why can't they knit too?
After all you guys can work, bring home the bacon, clean house (and somethimes do a better job at it then us girls can) and you can cook the bacon too :) So go ahead and knit until your hearts content and just smile when others look at you funny....heck ask them if they want to learn how to knit! maybe they want to and are just to scared.

Happy kniting !!!!