Being #1

Last night´s insomnia event ended in 3 hours of extra study time and only 2 hours of sleep... Thank God for Starbucks and their double shot Caramel Macchiato. My exam went ... well.. it went.. not too confident on my results for that one...
Besides my epic fail in my exam, I had the most amazing feeling today... The feeling of success. I got test results from my Physiology class and the Professor clapped when he announced to everyone that I had the highest midterm results. Totally unexpected and completely flattering. I was soo excited I called my mom, she said ¨hmmm... It wasn't a 90¨=( ... so I hoped around all happy knowing she approved and went for my three cheese panini to celebrate (im on a diet).

Ah yes this is a knitting blog isnt it... hahaha so I usually knit when im super happy or when im super sad (and on weekends regardless of my emotions), and so I got home and finished a beret hat for my younger sister that I had in my UFO pile... If if figure out how to upload pictures ill post it for feedback. I got the pattern from and its called ALL DAY BERET... INCREDIBLY SIMPLE and fast to make....I made it out of a german merino wool my mom sent me

Sadly enough... my day isn't over. One more class and study time!... WUUU...


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Congratulations on the psychology exam! Beautiful job on the hat as well.

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thanks man,
It was actually Physiology not psychology =)

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Felicidades! I live in Morelia and if you are ever here look me up and we can knit together. There is also a fairly good yarn shop here.

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heyy.. Im from Lomas de Cocoyoc Morelos... super close!... ill be home in the summer time since spring break is for Vegas =)

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That is a very nice hat. Simple, but the zigzag gives it some visual interest. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.