A Productive Weekend

It's unbelievable. Yestarday we were at 70 degrees and sunny. Of course, it was windy, but this is Wyoming. Such is expected. This morning it was raining at 0530, and by 0730 when I actually decided to drag my butt from the bed it was snowing. Gotta love it. Thank God Bob walked the dogs while I was showering and trying to ignore the weather. On a good note, it is knitting weather...

So, I finished the North Seas Shawl and got it all Blocked out Thursday night. It's the black one in the pictures. Then yesterday I finally got the gumption to block the shawl I had made for my friend that I was considering over dying due to the variance in skein color. I understand that Malabrigo is hand kettle dyed, but this is more than variance in color absorption and pooling, these are different shades entirely. But, oh well. It's done and over dying scares the bejeezus out of me. I'd be really upset if I ended up with a gray mass that hid the stitches beauty so I'm running with it. Yes, before you guys ask, I checked the dye lot numbers, they're all the same. Needless to say, I think for multiple skein projects, I won't be buying malabrigo again. At least not multi-ply skeins that it's hard to see differences due to their own shadowing.Sorry, this morning's snowy light isn't the best for photographing.

And last but not least... I got this months hat quota done! I'm sure they'll get extras for April since I finished the last of them up last night. As you can see, I have had some variance due mainly to the different types of yarn, but I figured there are different sized babies out there. The smaller ones are ribbed so they will stretch quite nicely. Maybe they'll help combat flat baby head syndrome? Who knows.

Oh, and one more thing, the last picture is the lace ribbon scarf I started last night. Has anyone used the Berocco Origami yarn? Does it soften with blocking? The colors are just what I wanted (I'll get a better picture I promise) but the thing is stiff and kind of harsh.

May you all have a fantastic Sunday,


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Quinton, that malabrigo shawl is STUNNING! so sorry about the mismatch dyelot...I think when it's being worn, that won't show so much.
I'd still be tempted to overdye it...just a shade darker...so the difference might not be as noticeable.

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Unfortunately one of the more bolder color changes is right smack in the middle where it will be pulled across ones shoulders, so it will most likely stand out... Oh well. What can I do? Like I said, I'm worried about overdying.

As you can see, the North Seas shawl came out well so there's some sucess.

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First, That shawl is fabulous. I so look forward to when I know enough to begin a work like that! I know what you mean about the coloring on Malabrigo, I'm experiencing that myself. I do have to say that they've added so new Solid colors. Maybe that will make a difference. The baby hats a cute also. I love what you said about knitting weather! I think I'll have to rethink the rain from here on in! Beautiful work! Happy Knitting! Nehkhasi


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There's an issue that I have regarding their quality that's reflected in their skeins breakage amounts and direction changes while winding skeins. I've bought multiple skeins now that were in 3 or more pieces. Their price is too much for what I feel is just sloppy work, esopecially since most of it is hand worked. But, hey, I've learned a bit so can't complain much can I?

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Well, yes you can complain. A lot of much. Have you thought of sending a copy of that picture to the company? I call that a defective product. I think most people would. Seems to me if you buy yarn at those prices from the same dye lot it's reasonable to expect that the skeins will work together. Your workmanship is of the highest quality. Theirs is not. At the very least I think you deserve a full refund. If you do write to them, tell them you're blogging about this and posting pictures on MWK and Ravelry.

PS Your work is awesome. The quality is inspirational. The quantity is staggering!

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Really beautiful work! You're very productive indeed!! I love the shawl.

We're getting the rain/snow mix now... perfect for knitting and our knitting group just happens to knit today!!


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We're still snowing. We all went for a late morning walk by the river and I'm relaxing with my knitting now. Hope yours is as enjoyable.

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Your shawls look beautiful. What is the name of the pattern for Snowy Light.jpg?

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Snowy light is just the name of the pic... I actually named this shawl Cook Inlet Tides. I made it up using the falling water scarf as inspiration. I had posted pics of it earlier on here when I had first discovered how bad the color difference was.

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Some seroiusly gorgeous lace there!

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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I don't know what's going on lately. First time I did lace a couple years ago I thought to myself, "Why are you doing this to yourself?" And now everything lately seems to be lace. But lets face it, if I don't have to pay attention to my knittnig, I get bored with it.

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Looking forward to seeing these "in the flesh" [so to speak]. The Lace Ribbon scarf looks very promising. I took advantage of the weather to get some knitting done but was reading, too. (Memo to self ... Must re-master knitting while reading.) Anyhow, look forward to seeing you Wednesday. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.