Blue Slippers for Son

I finished the second pair of slippers and I am very pleased to have found a size that fits well and that I enjoyed knitting it more than my first pair. It does get easier! I really liked this yarn a lot. It is Patons Classic 100% Wool - Roving. It's very soft and very comfortable to manipulate. I like it much better than two thinner strands of the Tweed version of the same wool. I did learn that you can't tug on this as you can with the Tweed version. The nature of Roving makes it a good smooth wool, but since it isn't wound as tightly as other yarns, it will pull apart. I do like to put a knot in an inconspicuous place after I weave in the end, then finish the weave. I guess I'm still unsure if the thing will come apart if I don't knot things. I gave it a good tug to make the knot small and the yarn pulled a part and I ended up with a much shorter piece of yarn. Ooops! No matter, everything worked out well and I had enough to weave in the remaining yarn. I will be giving them to my son on Saturday.

I took many shots so I could share the different stitches that go into this project. Okay, I'm a little proud that the stitching looks least to me. Of course, ignore the Kitchner stitching on the top of the foot. I'm still getting the hang of that.



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So glad that it's getting easier! Love that color blue! So lush! Your son should love them! Beautiful! Nehkhasi


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Thanks so much Nehkhasi. They feel lush as well. I almost hate to give them away. :)

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:-) Nehkhasi


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Mark, those look wonderful...and it doesn't look as if you have to felt them.

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Hi Bill,
Thanks for your kind words. You are correct, they don't need felting at all, although they will on the bottom once my son starts wearing them. They fit nicely. I may make another pair for myself if the first brown pair stretch out.

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Beautiful job, Mark. Thanks for the heads up about roving yarn. Not quite sure I like that idea. I've seen that kind of yarn before (tends to be priced on the high side if I remember) and it does look luxurious but I can't say I like the idea of it pulling apart if you pull on it. I guess I like a well-spun yarn for my knitting purposes. The slippers do look great though. Really first class. They don't look like something done by a new knitter at all. And I hear what you say about something getting easier the more you do it. It's an advantage of doing a project more than once. I'm about to start on my fifth double knit fingerless glove with a Fair Isle motif and I don't even have to look at the Fair Isle chart anymore. Anyway nice job on the slippers. I'm sure your son is thrilled with this new hobby of yours.

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Wow! You absolutely made my day! Saying that they don't look like a knitter did them is a goal for all of us I think. I only had trouble once with the yarn at the very end. Up until there, it was very easy to use and more durable than you may think. But still, I don't tax the strength of this yarn. It wasn't very expensive at all at Jo-Ann Fabrics; actually about on par with the other types of yarn -- $5.99 I think. I bought two skeins though just in case, but $12 still isn't too bad for a pair of quality footwear.
Again, thanks for the lovely compliment.

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Nice work, Mark. A similar yarn that may have a bit more durability to it is made by the Brown Sheep company in Nebraska. Slightly more twist in a single ply helps it hold together better. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Hi Joe,
Thanks for the compliment. I will keep an eye open for the Brown Sheep yarn. Thanks for the tip!

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They look really comfy! Nice work. The more you do Kitchner the easier it gets. I suppose that's true with most things huh?


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Actually, I find the Kitchner stitch very easy to do, but I'm not sure why it isn't as invisible as it should be. In some places the stitching lines up perfectly and you can't tell that it was bound together, while in others, not so much. I'll get it though. Thanks for the compliment.

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They do look great Mark. Awesome job!

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They look great!