Happy Easter

I saw this image and it reminded me of the many rows of knitting we all do. I especially like the one odd chick...kind of like the one stitch you got backwards that you didn't notice until you were finished with the project. It's that sort of thing that makes artisans special people.
Happy Easter!

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Ack!!! Totally looks like a situation where you have to drop a stitch WAY down to fix it. Funny where we can see "knitting" all around us.


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My goodness, you hit the nail on the head with that one! Sid

I really liked the peeps! I often felt like the odd peep in the flock when I was growing up and finding out about who and what I was meant to be. On a totally different level---did you ever put a peep in the microwave for about a half minute???? Totally ridiculous and made myself laugh like an idiot!!!

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I taught science for seven years and loved doing all sorts of peculiar things with microwaves. It's a great way to demonstrate physical change. I am still not certain if the parents of my students have forgiven me yet for the damage their kids did to their own microwaves. Ah, science and kids. LOL.

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Probably not as much as the parents disliked our chem teacher who taught us how to make explosives from common household chemicals.

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