Knit Like A Man, Dammit!

Well, the bad news is, for those of you that have followed my story, is that I lost the farm out in the middle of nowhere. Life got too rough 20 miles from everything, and selling my knit teddy bears on etsy just couldn't bring in enough cash for me to keep going. So, Easter Sunday I made the jump (with my little cat in hand) to downtown Orlando, living in a small garage apartment that a friend of mine has offered to me while I get on my feet. The GOOD news is that now I'm in the middle of everything and adoring every minute of it. Would love now that I'm here to meet up with other knittin' fellas around Orlando and do a couple of sip and knits at a couple of pubs around town. I think it would be fun! So, if you're in the Orlando area, send me a message and let's see if we can't knit like men, dammit, and enjoy getting to know each other. OH! And if any of you are in need of a knit teddy bear, go to my etsy shop (shameless self promotion), and check out my bears (yes, yes yes, I have a fondness for bears.....of the male variety :) My name on etsy is the same here. Good to see all of you again!!!!


Change is always hard. I hate that you lost your place in the country, but you seen to have landed on your feet. Enjoy yourself, If I were in Orlando I would love to toss back a couple while knitting away.

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Hope you do well. Changes can be so terrible on the psyche. But, hey, we've got your back. Take care. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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THanks Joe and George!

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Sorry to hear about the loss of your farm. I'll be visiting Orlando in November as part of a big family visit to Disney. I'm sure I'll have something to knit with me, so, if you're still doing Sip and Knits then, I'd love to tag along and meet some Orlando's Men Who Knit! :)

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Hi Greg,
I am so sorry to here that you have lost the farm. At least living in Orlando proper you can perhaps sell your bears at the hospitals. I did a quick Google search for Tampa hospitals and there are a ton of them. Perhaps they would sell your bears in their gift shops. I bought a little bear for a friend of mine who was recovering from a hip replacement due to polio about 15 years ago. She still has it and says she smiles every time she sees it. I got it at the little gift shop in the lobby as an impulse buy.

I checked your Etsy site from your profile link and couldn't find any of your products there. Here's the link I went to going through Etsy's search engine Still, nothing. Just thought you'd like to know so your sales continue.

Best of life being a country boy in the big city.


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Yes, I've actually thought about working something out with a local charity with my bears, especially when it comes to displaced families. Something along those lines. It was very kind of you to check out my Etsy shop! And yes it was probably empty when you came to check it out for, as of about 8pm last night I had sold out all of my bears (All 4!), so it was an awfully good day! Its 5am now, getting the yarn togethar to bust out a few more bears and get back to selling! (I think I'll treat myself to a Vietnamese coffee in Little Saigon this morning.....why? BECAUSE NOW I CAN! :)