new DVDs available

You may recall I mentioned that I had ordered some new DVDs from Lucy Neatby.  Well, I got two of them last night, and had to skim through them.

WOW!  So much in there, and really well done.  I really like Lucy and enjoy her teaching style.  She presents these techniques in a very easy, simple, clear manner.  She has excellent views of what she is doing, really close-up, so you see it from the knitter's viewpoint, which is really necessary to know what is going on.  She covers all the topics, from beginning cast on, through gauge, circular or dp knitting, seams, cutting your knitting....oh, it covers it all!

She has a set of 4 disks produced, and the first two are just out: Knitting Essentials 1 and 2.  She has Sock Techniques 1 and 2 shipping soon.  Can't wait, because she does great things with socks! (I told you I like her!)  She is also a firm believer in Contented Stitches.